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M/D Systems, Inc. - Company History

Where others have faltered, M/D Systems, Inc. has thrived in the constantly changing healthcare environment. We've seen physicians' needs evolve from the days of fee-for-service solo practitioners to large, multiple specialty groups and managed care. We've adapted to each and every change, and helped our clients do the same.



1968   • M/D Systems, Inc. is founded.
1974   • The company passes the $1 million mark in sales.
1981   • Announce the development of our first multi-user
computer system.
1983   • Medicare approves M/D Systems, Inc. for electronic claims
submission (ECS).
1984   • Medi-Cal approves M/D Systems, Inc. for ECS.
1985   • Combined ECS for Medicare and Medi-Cal exceeds $5 million
per month.
1991   • Implement the Medicare-mandated switch to new HCFA
1500 forms.
1992   • Begin electronic billing to Blue Cross of California.
1993   • Private electronic billing is expanded to include over 150
1994   • Restore full financial data for practices damaged in the
Northridge earthquake.
• Implement the Medicare mandate for ECS in either NSF or
ANSI format.
1995   • Begin delivering our systems with Pentium processors and
• Daily ECS is introduced.
• Implement the Medicaid-mandated switch from 40-1 forms
to HCFA 1500.
1997   • Add a Technical Service Department, doubling customer
service capabilities.
1998   • Begin transitional process to bring our software into Y2K
1999   • Install our first Windows NT network.
• Establish an Internet FTP (file transfer protocol) Internet
to more quickly and cleanly transfer data to and from our
• Become certified Y2K compliant for electronic and paper
claims to Transamerica Medicare, NHIC Medicare, and Blue
Cross of California.
2000   • Move to Windows 2000 Server networking.
2001   • Offer two new product lines: Provectus One (turnkey) and
Kapax (full service).
2002   • Become HIPAA compliant in required areas prior to
• Introduced document scanning and storage capability.
• PDA (both Palm and PocketPC) interface with MDS
appointment scheduling.
2003   • Become vendor for AMA offering HIPAA tool kits, policies
and procedures.
• Implemented Medicare electronic EEOB’s.
• Added credit card info to statements
• Added encryption to the FTP process
• Added the ability to pint labels thru Word
• Added the ability to print receipts
2004   • Added charting capabilities to reports
• Enabled the scheduling of reports and processing
• Implemented the Extra Intelligent Statement
• Started ECS billing thru Office Alt
• Enabled the entry of NDC (National Drug Codes)
• Added "Soundex" (the ability to look up a name by
entering a name that sounds similar to the name you are
looking for) to name lookups
2005   • Implemented Medicare Secondary ECS
• Added capitated accounts
2006   • Interface with Medicare Easy Print software
• First install of Version 5.1
• Encite Var
2007   • Started printing color charts on the Mo. Reports
• Converted from UB92’s to UB04’s
• First Encite install
• Implemented new NPI provider numbers
• Added 4th DX in charge entry

Stay tuned...More exciting milestones to follow!

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