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Rest assured M/D Systems, Inc. has been working diligently to make its software and data transmission methodologies HIPAA compliant. We have staff dedicated to the continuous monitoring, updating, and testing of our systems to meet current and future government regulations and standards.

This section is dedicated to the federally-mandated Health Insurance Portablility and Accountablity Act (HIPAA) compliance issues.

If you have received a HIPAA Practice File Update Worksheet from M/D Systems, Inc. you will need to access this Adobe Acrobat file (if you are unable to open this file, go to the Adobe Acrobat Reader page and download the software to your computer) to find the appropriate codes to complete the worksheet. Please click on the HIPAA TAXONOMY button below, go to the Table of Contents on page three, find your practice's specialty and corresponding page, go to that page and find the appropriate code for each doctor in your practice. If you have any difficulties or questions with these codes, please call Customer Support at (800) 272-3285.

The HIPAA UPDATES button will bring you to a continuous update on M/D Systems, Inc. efforts to meet all pertinent HIPAA regulations. This page will be updated periodically so come back and visit it every few weeks or so.

HIPAA Taxonomy
HIPAA Updates

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