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MD Systems

Kapax™ is a complete out-of-office medical billing solution that permits a headache-free medical practice.



MD Systems You capture patient demographics and charges and we do all the rest.
MD Systems We provide unlimited training and support to your staff.
MD Systems WE become your "front office" by posting payments, printing and mailing statements, sending claims to the insurance companies and state and federal payers.
MD Systems As your collection service, we contact your patients and insurance companies regarding billing issues.
MD Systems A "lock box service" assures fund integrity and allows for expedited deposits to your account.

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Medical Billing and Coding

If your current system of medical billing and coding is too complicated or ineffective, it's time to contact MD Systems. We provide a professional level suite of medical practice software that elevates the performance of your office. Outsource your medical billing activities to us and let your staff get back to their important work. Your medical office administration costs will drop and your staff will be freed up to provide more of the services they need to provide. The greatest need today is efficiency in medical office administration, including patient billing systems. Learn more about MD Systems suite of professional medical office software and services.

MD Systems
MD Systems
MD Systems MD Systems
MD Systems
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