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Frequently Asked Questions

M/D Systems, Inc. provides complete support for your medical practice management system. Below are some of the frequently asked questions about our product and services. Should you have a question that is not addressed here, please call 1-800-272-3285.

What makes M/D Systems, Inc. different from other companies?

Service, support, and commitment is what makes us unique. We offer a full range of support services that other companies don't match. When you've got a problem, we service you directly—no dealing with unknown distributors with limited knowledge of your office or your needs. We're committed to being here for you, just as we've been since 1968.

What kind of hardware do I need to run your software?

Our practice management software runs on Microsoft operating systems. Current minimum requirements for servers are Intel Quad-Core CPU, 4 Gigabytes memory & Microsoft Server 2003. Non-server computers require Windows XP-Pro or Vista Business. Pentium D & 1 Gigabyte memory.

Do I have to buy my hardware from you?

No, but it is strongly recommended. Our computers are built with premium components selected to eliminate compatibility problems and provide long service and reliability. Plus, most clients prefer "one-stop" software and hardware service.

What's the cost of your practice management system?

Just as a surgeon cannot tell you how much it will cost to fix your knee without first examining you, we cannot even guess at a price without knowing the specific needs of your practice. With a range of sizes, numbers of users, optional modules and services, and hardware variations there is no "typical" practice. Please contact us to arrange an onsite evaluation.

How much are system updates?

There is no additional charge for M/D Systems, Inc. software updates. They are included as part of our Consummate Support package.

Do I have to come to your office for training?

No, we come to you. And we'll return for training and re-training as you need it, at no extra cost.

Can I send claims electronically every day?

Yes. If you process a large number of claims, you can choose to transmit them daily through our clearinghouse for faster payment and better cash flow.

Will I be able to connect electronically with my local hospital?

Yes. Many of our clients transfer information to and from hospitals and labs using our systems.

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Medical Billing

MD Systems has the right software solutions for updating your medical office administration. From medical billing software to medical records management, we can help you save the wasted time and frustration you may be experiencing with your current medical billing systems and records management systems. Learn more about the medical billing software and other medical office software that can make your practice more successful. Call us now at 1-800-637-9783.

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